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Below is a list of the most recent national press releases relating to NHS Blood and Transplant.

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27 May 2014 NHS Blood and Transplant join forces with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
This is the first time that NHS Blood and Transplant, which collects donated blood in England and North Wales and manages the UK’s organ donation system, has entered into a potentially life-saving partnership with an emergency service.
20 May 2014 Give blood and be part of the Greatest Team in the World
Adrian Chiles and Lee Dixon recreate iconic football images to encourage people to donate blood this summer
7 May 2014 Embarassing Bodies demystifies blood donation process
Popular Channel 4 programme, Embarrassing Bodies, featured Dr Pixie donating blood live on the programme on Tuesday 6 May.
17 Mar 2014 NHS Blood and Transplant makes special appeal to O negative and B negative blood donors
Eligible blood donors in England and North Wales who are O Rh negative (O negative) and B Rh negative (B negative) are being asked to call now to make an appointment to give blood in the next few days or weeks, to help rebuild stocks of these groups.
31 Jan 2014 Young donors asked to be ‘One in a Million’
Young blood donors are being called upon as part of a new campaign to increase the number of people on the British Bone Marrow Registry (BBMR).
13 Dec 2013 Ideal World TV supports NHS Blood and Transplant’s call for blood donations over the festive period
Ideal World TV has lent its support to an NHS Blood and Transplant campaign calling for people to step forward and donate this year’s must have gift: blood; so patients whose lives depend on blood or platelet transfusions get what they need over the festive period.
26 Nov 2013 Blood Donors to Get a New Online Experience
A new-look blood donor website has been launched to give online users a whole new experience at
22 Nov 2013 Lynda Hamlyn wins Chief Executive of the Year at the 2013 HSJ Awards
NHS Blood and Transplant’s Chief Executive, Lynda Hamlyn, was named Chief Executive of the Year at the Health Service Journal (HSJ) Awards on 19 November.